#1. Write A Blog About Killing Boredom


Lester Bangs have mentioned about how the word boredom shouldn’t be used.  He said, there are a lot of good books to read, good music to listen to and good movies to watch. Well, that was when they did not have the internet yet.  Oh glorious these days we live in but why do we continue on using the word to justify human loneliness?  Thus, begin this blog. Whenever the word boredom comes to mind, this blog should wring it dead on its neck. 

Writing a blog about boredom is not necessarily entertaining the thought that you were bored.  You are doing something hence you are not bored.  However, the key there is, only when you love what you do, you’ll start to enjoy and forget about boredom.  So learn to love what you do, or do what you love and learn from it. Either way, you win and boredom loses.

Start your own blog, whether it’s about boredom or not.  It can be about something that interests you or that might interest others.  You can start writing your thoughts.  Not only that you overcome being bored (which often leads to other negative emotions/feelings like disappointment, frustration and even depression), you will also contribute to the world’s army that will annihilate boredom.

And my friend, when you stop being bored, you start being creative.  




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