#3. Make a Mixtape and Make Memories

Mixtapes used to be a huge thing for music enthusiasts.  They still are.  Although they’ve been ‘replaced’ by digital files, we still refer to our themed playlists as mixtapes.

For a music fan discovering a good song is like Archimedes discovering buoyancy.  It is a seismic Eureka moment.  Do you remember hearing The Beatles for the first time?  It’s like life rushing to hug you and saying ‘hey life is great”.  Listening to a great music you’ve never heard before is like falling in love for the first time.  It suddenly turns everything on Earth more beautiful than they already are.

Romanticizing aside, making a mixtape is a like making memories, collecting memories and creating a collective one.

You can create mixtapes using audio casettes, cd, mini discs and best of all you can easily create mixtapes using online applications.

Here’s some of them:


This site will let you create mixtapes from a huge library of mp3s.  It’s very easy to drag and drop the songs from the search results letting you create your own mixtape in seconds.  The site fetches all the mp3s of the songs all over the internet giving you awesome results. It also allows you to share and embed the mixtapes you’ve made.


This site is powered by soundcloud so you can pretty much search all the remix, covers and even original songs from a large number of artists both independent and successful ones and in any genre in existence. If you wanna share some less unknown music to your friends, this app is a good choice.


If you have patience in uploading songs, then this app is for you.  A homage to the 8 tracks cassette that was too famous back then, however it allows you to add more than eight songs.  It also allows you to create a fancy album cover that will go along with your mixtape.

So try recalling a memory or a friend and surprise him/her with a mixtape.  Or create a mixtape for your own pleasure.  Or create a playlist for us and drop the link on the comment.


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